Copenhagen Bicycles by Nicolai Perjesi

Copenhagen Bicycles by Nicolai Perjesi


Nicolai Perjesi is a Copenhagen based photographer. Born in Elsinore, famous for its castle Kronborg – the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet – he was raised by artistic parents, his Danish mother a classically trained pianist and violinist and his Hungarian father a sculptor and lecturer, and soon found the arts an inescapable part of life. He started taking photos at the age of 11 – some of his first motifs being his skateboarding friends – and he won his first photo contest in the local newspaper at the age of 13.

He continued to develop his photography skills and in 1984 he started a three year apprenticeship at a commercial photographers studio in Copenhagen.

1987 saw him graduate from The Copenhagen Graphic Design School and his first professional jobs was as an assistant at Station 1 Photography and staff photographer at The Danish Design Center.

In 1989 he set up his own studio and with 20 years of professional experience Nicolai has travelled the world and photographed architecture, nature, people and objects for some of the leading advertising agencies, graphic designers and corporate and private organizations, both in Denmark and abroad.

Nicolai Perjesi has a flair for creating atmospheric photos and he catches – with great insight – the unique. There’s a presence in his work and through this he tells us a story which is always distinctive for that particular place and situation.


Copenhagen Bicycles2 Copenhagen Bicycles3 Copenhagen Bicycles4 Copenhagen Bicycles5 Copenhagen Bicycles6 Copenhagen Bicycles7 Copenhagen Bicycles8


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