Urban Furniture by Dimitri Daniloff

Urban Furniture by Dimitri Daniloff

Born in 1970, Dimitri Daniloff is represented in France, England, United States, and Asia. A winner of numerous photographic and advertising awards, he was the recipient the Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions in 2003. Three years later, he participated in an exposition of advertising photography at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. He is thus known as the foremost representative of contemporary photography implicating the use of new technologies. The photographic series, Porcelain Dolls, was published in the prestigious contemporary photography magazine Eyemazing, and was the winner of the Lucie Award in the same year. If intuition finds itself as the source of his inspiration, Daniloff seeks to articulate the tremendous potential of cutting edge technology to the haunting concepts that compose his identity as a créateur. Among them, the movement of bodies that become frozen and then are set free, the confusion of femininity and masculinity around androgyny, and the quest of the fragile nature that exists behind the façade of appearance. The son of a sculptor, his work is deeply marked by the fierce desire to play with materials, to take photography to its limits, and to constantly push his methods into a state and feeling of vertigo. Provocative and inhabited by doubt, Dimitri Daniloff uses photography in order to emerge the obvious, the evidence within him. 

Urban Furniture by Dimitri Daniloff2 Urban Furniture by Dimitri Daniloff3 Urban Furniture by Dimitri Daniloff4 Urban Furniture by Dimitri Daniloff5 Urban Furniture by Dimitri Daniloff6 Urban Furniture by Dimitri Daniloff7 Urban Furniture by Dimitri Daniloff8


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2 responses to “Urban Furniture by Dimitri Daniloff”

  1. anselmephotography says :

    These photos are simply amazing

  2. Patent lawyer says :

    This is absolutely breathtaking, love the contrasting elements of being trapped and imprisoned against the freedom of movement. Wonderful, should be the national gallery!

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