Desert Daze by Patrick Strattner

Patrick Strattner


Patrick Strattner is a German editorial, commercial and fine art photographer based in Southern California. Patrick was born in Nuremberg, Germany in 1976 and grew up in Northern California and Southern Germany. After interning at an advertising agency and then a photography studio, Patrick decided to pursue a degree in photography and design. He spent his studies in Germany and South Africa. In 2005 he graduated from FH Bielefeld and moved to Berlin, where he began working for various national and international publications as well as advertising agencies. Throughout his career, Patrick has continued to produce his own personal work. His fine art photography has included mixed media work and often encompasses a humorous commentary. In 2011 he moved to Southern California, but continues to work internationally.

Patrick Strattner2 Patrick Strattner3 Patrick Strattner4 Patrick Strattner5 Patrick Strattner6 Patrick Strattner7 Patrick Strattner8 Patrick Strattner9 Patrick Strattner10 Patrick Strattner11 Patrick Strattner12 Patrick Strattner13


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