Infrared Photography by Hunter Rudd

Hunter Rudd

Hunter Rudd views the world in his own unique way through his Canon 1D Mark III. Unlike most photographers who shoot in color, Hunter has converted one of his many cameras into an infrared camera to capture nature with a significantly different perspective. Most people who think of infrared think of a heat seeking missile, which is a great analogy for this type of medium. Although, instead of blowing up his subject Hunter has captured the beauty of nature in the same way that a snake or cat might view the world.

Hunter Rudd2

Hunter Rudd3

Hunter Rudd4

Hunter Rudd5

Hunter Rudd6

Hunter Rudd7

Hunter Rudd8

Hunter Rudd9

Hunter Rudd10

via Bored Panda


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One response to “Infrared Photography by Hunter Rudd”

  1. georgeledger says :

    Some really great IR images here. I especially like the colour images as its not as comon to see this type of photo.
    What technique do you use to process the image?

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